American oil painter Margaret Biggs, OPA pays homage to the beauty found in nature and the spirituality a relationship with it ensures. Her depictions, often bordering between the elements of abstraction and realism, have been described as both modern and surrealistic. Using an elaborate method of layered oil on canvas, Biggs creates landscapes, seascapes, still life, and what she has come to term holistic pieces that communicate the meaning and inspiration she feels in the natural world.

Enraptured by a state of awe and mental stillness in earth’s beauty, she embarks upon each piece as a conquest to capture that profound peace and wisdom, and bring it into the hearts and lives of all those who view her work. Biggs creates with an intention to heal, much in the same way that earth’s beauty heals her. As she remarks: “Nature is my refuge, a space for reflection and rejuvenation. I cherish it, and hope to guide people towards sensing the tranquility and connectedness that is inherent everywhere; toward beauty, security, serenity; things we all strive for, especially in today’s increasingly complex world.”

Margaret presents some of her latest work showcasing the essence of her style and spirit revealed in its most developed form. Alongside magnificent portrayals of the environment, she contextualizes these forms as symbols of deeper meaning through her poetry. An example of her talent’s extent beyond the easel, her verse reflects upon themes of love, loss, self-discovery, transformation, peace, and how opportunities for growth are provided in life and revealed to us.

“I strive to create more than just a depiction of what I see,” Biggs says. “I hope to immortalize the natural beauty in the creation of a ‘visual poem’. As a famous painter once wrote: ‘Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.’ In all I do, I try to bring the wonder, magic, and poetry I see in nature into people’s lives through paint and words.”

“Walk with me, look at the shells, feel the beaches, the trees, and the water. Allow yourself to be transformed; swept away into the peace and calm of Nature’s gifts, where all is lost, and perhaps all is known.”



Margaret Biggs
PO BOX 1031
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562



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