Margaret BiggsHaving relocated to my hometown in Florida's Northwest, the natural beauty here overwhelms me. I have always been moved by the sea and her shores, yet it is here on the Gulf that I am most in awe. It is after all, my home...and though nature's beauty can be found anywhere on the globe, this is where I want to express the essence of God's gifts.

Margaret BiggsI strive to create more than just a depiction of what I see. Composition is very important to me, color is a passion, and the play between the negative and positive space are of great interest. I hope to immortalize the natural beauty of the coast in the creation of a “visual poem”.

As Leonardo da Vinci once wrote, (I am paraphrasing here) "Paintings are poetry you can see." In all I do, I try to paint the wonder, magic and the poetry I see in nature. Walk with me, look at the shells, the beaches, the trees and the water. Allow yourself to be swept away into the peace and calm of God's gifts from the sea.

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