Approaching Wonder

Oil on Canvas
24 x 60 in
Approaching the National Seashore by boat provides a most intriguing view. I am pulled in by the sand, the pines, the darkness of the wood. My goal is to pull the viewer in with me and create just such a desire in them. No matter if the woods are in the north or the deep south. No matter if the forest is large or small, on the water or not. Just stop when next you pass an area of trees and fall into the experience. As with much of my work this piece is highly stylized. A graphic quality took root perhaps as a result of my years in the advertising industry. The negative space of the sky became an important design element as I played with the shapes. To the right of the painting I created the inside of a cathedral between the trunks of the 3 main trees.
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Margaret Biggs
PO BOX 1031
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562


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