September 30, 2022 - Stillness Speaks

Beautiful, Calming, Soulful Imagery


“Stillness Speaks" is available as a high-quality fine art print on paper, canvas or metal up to 48" x 48".


Inspiration for

Stillness Speaks


The northern Gulf Coast is known for its fine, sugar-white sand. After a strong storm, it's left perfectly smooth, as though no one has ever set foot. As I had done countless times, I headed for the National Seashore after days of wind and rain.


As the last of the day’s light faded, I focused on the mesmerizing shapes and the subtle gradation of color within the sunlit sand of the dunes. The clearly defined shadows formed at sunset created a surrealistic scene.


In this painting, I was able to capture the otherworldly, which I witnessed in that brief moment. Returning to the same stretch of beach years later, the dune was gone. May we always be mindful that the beauty — part of our lives now — may be gone tomorrow.


~ Margo



Learning to Listen


I am learning to listen

To my God, to my Friend,

To the angels whose guidance

Seems never to end.

Invisible, yet present

They search and draw near,

Beings both light and dark

 Wait for my willing ear.

With ease my mind will drift away.

The forces of darkness will have their say.

A lax mind I must train to focus on light

And the angels reenter, exerting their might.





Margaret Elizabeth Biggs


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About Margaret


Contemporary American artist Margaret Biggs is an oil painter, writer and poet. Her unique interpretations of beauty are deeply personal statements made to stimulate, inspire and heal through a sense of peace and connectedness evoked from the natural world.

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