Sept. 28, 2021 - New Documentary, New Paintings, New Article, Too!

Fall is here and with it comes dryer days and clearer skies! The cooler days often bring more energy and enthusiasm for the tasks at hand, as opposed to the sluggishness we often feel in the heat of summer. Fall is a time to put aside the frivolous days of summer and recommit to duty, aspirations and goals. May the cooler days fill you with vigor and vitality!

I am thrilled to share with you the article on my work in this month's issue of Vie Magazine. Check it out here!  "Embracing a Soul-Full Life"

Below is a brand new documentary on my "Art and Purpose". I am very pleased with it and am confident it will give you a greater understanding of the purpose of my art and what I strive to communicate beyond nature's beauty!

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"Art and Purpose"
"Against the Sky" 36x48" Oil on Linen

The broken seashells I paint are used as operating metaphors for the aging process and the painful events that will inevitably come our way. As the beauty of our youth fades away, we can work on our inner life. We can become more self-aware and do our best to be a peaceful presence wherever we may be. With intent and practice we can become more patient, compassionate and kind.
The deep goodness within us all is represented by the inner spiral of the univalve shell, which often remains intact even when the exterior of the shell is faded and badly broken. The beautiful shapes of the shadows within the broken shell are not possible when the shell is fully intact. Very often it is the shadows of our lives that bring us to the point when we find we are ready to look deeply at ourselves, at our own faults and foibles, and begin this process.
"Against the Sky" is suitable to be hung either horizontally or vertically.
"Coastal Winter" 36x24" Oil on Canvas
On the north coast of Florida we have a mild winter, which is welcome after the hot, humid days of July and August. A few cold days will put the golden sea oats to rest while the green grasses turn brown. The air is drier and the large cumulus clouds of winter are rare, often replaced by lighter, airier formations.
One will find far fewer people walking the beaches during the cooler months.
The solitude is welcome. The simplistic beauty of sand and sky, the limited palette of white, blue and brown, the gently roaming lines of the unmarked dunes leave me spellbound, relishing an ordinary moment in time.
"Aqua Verde"  60x20"  Oil on Canvas

On hot summer days in the South, we often sit in the water with a cold drink and a big hat, keeping cool in the great outdoors while enjoying the company of family and friends. I was doing just that when I took the picture which is the inspiration for this painting. The swells were no more than 3” high. In blowing up the image I am calling attention to the unique designs that move and shift with the rhythm of the waves.  The shapes of green and white are quite accurate, though I saturated the color and stylized the decorative green lines within the white reflections, giving this piece a very abstract quality.
Though water is soft and supple, with time, it has the ability to carve through solid rock. May water be a reminder to us all of the strength that comes from patience, perseverance and the ability to flow with life.
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Countless times, my paintings have been described as "peaceful, calming and soulful".  
Studies have shown that peaceful imagery that is inspired by nature helps people better handle pain, stress and fear.

Art has the power to heal.

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Beachscapes and Bayous
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Contemporary American artist Margaret Biggs is an oil painter, writer, and poet.  Her unique interpretations of beauty are deeply personal statements made to stimulate, inspire, and heal through a sense of peace and connectedness she evokes from the natural world.
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