Nov. 2, 2021 - Heads Up! Inspiration, Imagery And A Holiday Sale!

With the fall comes beautiful, clear blue skies and cooler weather here on the north Gulf Coast, along with the wonderful anticipation of the holidays. I'm excited! My sons will be flying in from California to celebrate with us and we have a trip planned to Germany to visit family in Berlin as well as the magical German Christmas markets where we will enjoy the classic German Christmas decorations, Gluhwein (warm, mulled wine) and bratwurst!

And for you????
My biggest sale of the year starting very soon!
Keep an eye out for the email this weekend with the details. What better gift is there to give to that special someone, than the gift of art?

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Lisa Burwell
for the podcast VIE Speaks, "Conversations with Heart and Soul."

It was a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to speak candidly about my art, education, and life, including my years as an international fashion model. Interested? You can check it out here! Vie Speaks

Pictured below is one of my modeling cards from long ago as well as a picture of Lisa and me just after the podcast was recorded last month in her office on beautiful 30A!

In case you missed it last month, here is the article on my work in October's issue of Vie Magazine. "Embracing a Soul-Full Life"

The new series of documentaries on my art has been very popular! I'm confident they will give you a greater understanding of the purpose of my art and what I strive to communicate
beyond nature's beauty!
Just click the link to view: Margaret's Videos

"Broken Bonnet" 36x48" Oil on Linen

The Scotch Bonnet is a shell found up and down the mid Atlantic States of the US and along the Gulf shores of Florida. The broken specimen I found has had a place of honor on my shell shelf for many years now. Little more than 2 “ in length, the large whorl which once housed the snail’s body, has been completely removed leaving the axis of this spiral shell visible.
In this painting, the goodness within each of us is represented by the axis. At the core of the univalve shell, it often remains intact even when the shell has been badly broken. There is beauty in brokenness. None of us gets through life without suffering and pain.
Unfortunately, it often takes painful events and challenges for us to finally turn away from the superficiality of today’s world and focus instead on our inner life.
How peacefully are we living? Are we willing to let go of selfish desires to benefit others? Do we spend our time and resources on those in need? Though we may have been deeply hurt, are we willing to turn that pain into compassion?
The beauty that can emerge through life’s hardship is the beauty of depth, feeling and compassion.

"Broken Bonnet" is suitable to be hung either
horizontally or vertically.

To view my collection of available, original paintings,
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Available Original Paintings
"Mosaic Abalone"
Available as a fine art print up to 36x48" on Canvas.
Inspired by a photograph of an abalone shell, I took great liberties with the color and shapes. The exterior of The Paua Abalones once polished, are covered with vibrant, organic shapes. As is often the case, my imagination took off once the first simplistic design was applied to the canvas. Reflecting back on that period of my life, I remember the sense of security I felt, for the first time in many years. This led to a playfulness in my work,
as is clearly reflected in this painting.
With consent from the collector,
it is available as an archival quality print.

To view other "holistic" and water surface paintings now available as archival quality prints, please click the button below.

Holistic and Water Surface Images

"Through the Trees" 48x36" Oil on Linen

In this painting of a stand of pines, the landscape became secondary to my composition and the dominant shapes I chose to convey. Inspired by the German Expressionists, I took great liberties with the color as well. The yellow of the sun’s light morphed into the shape of a goblet reflecting the inverted, dome shape of the land. The triangular, orange shape in the sky reflects the orange grasses of the marsh. The straight trunks of the trees became sentient beings, able to feel and perceive. Facing the sun, they stand straight and tall, showing awareness and responding to the light. To quote Amanda Gorman;

“For there is always light, if only we are brave enough to see it, if only we are brave enough to be it.”

Best Selling Prints
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Countless times, my paintings have been described as "peaceful, calming and soulful".  
Studies have shown that peaceful imagery that is inspired by nature helps people better handle pain, stress and fear.

Art has the power to heal.

Create a peaceful sanctuary in your own home with the healing power of my soulful art.

The many images I now have available as archival prints are an affordable way to do just that. 

With great care, we have made sure the quality is so high that it is very difficult to tell a canvas print from an original! Additionally, it will stand the test of time.

Beachscapes and Bayous
Check out my site and have fun with the user friendly tools!

There's a "Wall Preview" tool which enables you to view a chosen print in various settings such as a living room, bedroom or conference room. It also enables you to change the wall color to best match your own.

With the use of the camera on your phone, the "Live Preview" tool gives you the ability to view a chosen print on your own wall.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

If you need help in deciding which painting, canvas or metal print would work best in your home, I am happy to help!

Just email me and we will set up a time to talk!
Flowers and Seashells

About Margaret

Contemporary American artist Margaret Biggs is an oil painter, writer, and poet.  Her unique interpretations of beauty are deeply personal statements made to stimulate, inspire, and heal through a sense of peace and connectedness she evokes from the natural world.
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