Feb. 27, 2021 - Fresh Off The Easel!

"The Tide Recedes"  40x30"   Oil on Canvas  
Often when the tide is receding, interesting shapes are created by the water before slipping back into the sea. On this particular evening the bright orange of the western sky, as well as the blue to the east, both reflected the colors on one small point of beach. Then there was the dark sand in the shadows creating a fascinating shape.  

You may notice the carefully placed horizon is at the 1/3rd mark of the canvas. The higher point of the dark sand is at the center. The carefully laid out composition adds to the sense of peacefulness my paintings convey.
"Fleeting Beauty"  18x36"  Oil on Canvas
Very often, great beauty comes and goes in a flash. Like life, it can be fleeting, such as the incredible sunset I was fortunate enough to witness one evening.

As is often the case, I played with the shapes created not only by the clouds but also by the negative space of the sky behind the clouds. The vast array of color did not need to be enhanced it was so vibrant. Rarely have I seen such a variety of color in the clouds, while the sky was still bright blue!
"Evening Light"  30x40"  Oil on Canvas 
Have you ever noticed the color of the shadows in white sand? It is a vibrant cerulean blue, particularly in winter when the sun remains closer to the horizon. In the evening, it is paired with the warm colors of the setting sun.
This painting celebrates the colors in the sand, the stillness of the clouds, the endless sea and the invitation to relax and enjoy the peace we can so easily access while on the shore.
To further communicate the serenity of the shore, the composition was carefully laid out. The horizon is at the center of the canvas. The center of the clouds is the same distance from the horizon as the point where the sand meets the sea. The use of symmetry aids in the calming effect my paintings have on the viewer.

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My paintings have been described as "peaceful, calming and soulful" countless times. Studies have shown that certain types of art help patients handle their pain, stress and fear much better. It has been shown to aid in people's overall well being. 

Create a peaceful sanctuary in your own home.  The 40+ images I now have available as prints are an affordable way to do just that. The quality is excellent and you can feel comfortable that they will not fade. 
As a matter a fact, my printer does such a good job that it is very difficult to tell a canvas print from an original!

Check out my site and have fun! Find a print that you like, choose a size and use the "wall preview" tool to see what it looks like in a living room, bedroom, office and more.
Or use the "Live Preview" tool with your phone camera, stand 10' back from where you would like it hung, and see what that print will look like on your own wall!

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Contemporary American artist Margaret Biggs is an oil painter, writer, and poet.  Her unique interpretations of beauty are deeply personal statements made to stimulate, inspire, and heal through a sense of peace and connectedness she evokes from the natural world.
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