Beginning a new painting often comes with an element of fear for me. The blank canvas seems to dare me to approach it! So I snack though I am not hungry or I’ll put on a second pot of coffee. I may flip through an art book or text my son, until finally, I begin to mix the paint.

Unlike commercial artists or painters whose primary focus is to sell, I put so much of my emotions into a painting and somehow people can tell. I remember years ago, a stranger entered my 10×10’ festival booth saying “My gosh, this feels as though I am walking into a cathedral!” That was when I learned that my desire to imbue my paintings with an element of peace was successful!

Sometimes I would paint a specific scene or subject because I thought it would sell. Though it always would, these were never my strongest works. I have a very strong need to feel inspired. So though I may have a canvas built for a specific painting, I may change my mind and paint something different. With hundreds of photos I have taken to use as inspiration, I have a lot to choose from!

Perhaps this is just a part of the process for me. Once the composition is laid out and the palette has been chosen, I cannot wait to get to the easel.

My process may be a bit slower, but there is one thing you can be certain of, I put my heart into it!


Margaret Biggs
PO BOX 1031
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562


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